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20/20 Vision

Located at 3110 Walton Blvd Rochester Hills Michigan 48309


We have been family owned and operated for 30 + years.


Our staff is dedicated to giving you professional experience.


We have specials on eyeglasses for 99% Frame + Lens.

Taking care of

Our Eyes

With sight being our best sense, don’t block yourself out of life with fuzzy memories. Yours eyes are very important and yet we neglect them nearly every single day…

Doctors say you should keep your eye exams around 1 year apart unless you see any changes. That will keep your vision fresh and crisp while your hitting home runs and scoring goals.

Your memories are only as clear as your vision!

We travel the world to bring you….

Designer Frames

We travel to Las Vegas the show every year to check out the newest in style and stay on top of lens technology. There are hundreds of vendors showing off the best frame styles of the year.

We also travel to New York for the big show which really is amazing! Everyone from Italy, France and China comes to show off their supplies. We are at both shows giving Rochester Hills the worlds number 1 styles.